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Riley Smith


Welcome to my fan site!

Hey everyone!!
I'm Ashlee, and this is my web page on one of my favorite actors in the world, Riley Smith!! Before you really get into looking into the site let me tell you why I like Riley. I like Riley, because I think he is a really talented actor who has so many more movies, TV show, ext. in the future which I hope to be able to see. I like his modeling also, and I have heard that he is going into singing. I hope that is true, because I know he would make a good singer also. Actully right now I'm thinking "Jeeze, how much talent did God give this guy?" lol. Well Riley if your looking at my site will you please check out the "Note To Riley" section? Everyone else have a good time looking around, and E-Mail me!! We can chat, and I love to hear other people point of views on actors, or movies.